Hi, I'm Kipaya

TL;DR – I’m an Austin, TX-based product designer, writer, hot sauce enthusiast, swing dancer, and horror movie fan. Scroll down to find out how horoscopes led me to this life and to get the low-down on pronouncing my name.* See my resume for even more info.

*Or just hit that anchor link—I’m not the scrolling police.


It started with the horoscopes

My journey to product design started with an assignment for my middle school newspaper—horoscopes. After seeing my name in print, I became fascinated with everything that made publications and websites come to life: the typography, layout, visual design, storytelling, and more. It turned out I was a terrible astrologist, but luckily I found other ways to contribute that helped me improve my writing skills and pick up lots of news ones along the way.


Then I met WordPress

In college, I learned HTML, CSS, and basic PHP so I could design and build my own WordPress themes. My goal was to finally move beyond static webpages and start building dynamic sites. I knew I would enjoy using WordPress, but I was surprised by how much I enjoyed the planning and design thinking involved—the way that grids, layouts, forms, and other elements had to built for multiple purposes as well as the greater emphasis on system-wide thinking for my CSS rules.


I found my first UX design project

For 40 weeks, I was part of a multi-disciplinary project to completely overhaul Boston Children’s Hospital’s intranet. At the time, I was managing the intranet’s homepage, which was a community newspaper of sorts for the hospital, making me one of the project’s key stakeholders.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was getting my first taste of UX. All I knew was that I loved the work. I participated in card sorting exercises, identified key gaps in functionality as a power user, reviewed user flows and wireframes, and ultimately created the final layout of the homepage. For me, as they say, the game would never be the same again.


And joined thirteen23

In mid-2019, I completed General Assembly’s UX Design Immersive. Soon after, I started working at the award-winning design and software agency thirteen23, where I was finally able to combine my love of design and prime numbers. My client work there included designing for an in-car audio experience for Bose and mobile finance apps for Visa, as well as co-facilitating workshops to clarify project needs.

Where you can find me today

I’m available for freelance projects, and I’m always happy to meet for coffee (or smoothies). Shoot me a message at kkapiga@gmail.com or any of my other contact methods. I also attend a lot of design and tech meetups around Austin. So if you see me around town, don’t hesitate to stop me and say hello!

Pronouncing my name 101

1. Start with the delicious tropical fruit “papaya

2. Drop the first mouth-watering “

3. Add a much more utilitarian “
key-” in its place

4. Get some practice by setting up a
phone call with me