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I’m an Austin, TX-based product designer, writer, and occasional raffle contest winner. Scroll down to see my most recent case studies. If you keep scrolling down, you’ll also find samples of my writing.

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Visual Design Lead


Project Manager & UX Research Lead


Peachtree Orthopedics Case Study

Client case study for athenahealth

Customer Success Datasheet

Explaining athenahealth's approach to customer success

Delivering a baby MEG

Science story on a breakthrough in pediatric neuroimaging tech

Quidditch season opener fraught with dark allegations

Mock article about a collegiate quidditch match

Lincoln Family Medicine Center Case Study

Client case study for athenahealth

Out of the fire, into the pan

Trend story about rising chronic conditions in developing countries

Yousef's Vein of Galen Surgery

Patient story about a newborn with an arteriovenous malformation

Veterans in Profile: Joe Founds

Longform profile of a clinician who attended West Point